Learn Pure Pilates From a Physiotherapist to Control Back Pain

The term Pure Pilates is a technical term only. Many people follow exercise programs believing they are following an expert. If you want to be one of those who have knowledge and skill to live with strong deep core abdominal stability and you must be taught by a physio Northern Beaches.

Pure Pilates is the actual training of the Transverse Abdominal muscle (TVA).

Pilates has become the fad exercise of the decade. Everybody wants to join or do a Pilate’s class. It is assumed it is a better exercise than aerobics or step classes. Every exercise in fact is a Pilate’s exercise because every exercise requires core stability.

Pilates has become popular around the world as the exercise regime to do. Unfortunately it is not taught properly by the majority of trainers. In time it will fade as a preferred choice and this will be very sad for those of us who truly know the value of this exercise theme.

Sports trainers, gym instructors and aerobic leaders have only a limited education about the mechanics of core stability exercises. This is OK if they are training people with no previous injury or pain. Many people take up Pilates because they have back pain and want to control it. I know many Drs now recommend Pilates for pain management. This is great advice however pain is not part of a gym trainer’s education. The idea is good but the referral should be to a physiotherapist not a gym trainer.

Pilates is the name given to the training of the deep abdominal muscles. Pure Pilates is being able to isolate, initiate, test and train the TVA. The biomechanics of the deep abdominal muscles is complex and is only taught to Physiotherapists and exercise physiologists. These are not the people leading the Pilates classes though.

Pilates and the training of deep core stability need to be taught by a Physiotherapist.

The knowledge of anatomy and the function of core stability can then be learnt properly.

Pure Pilates is the learning of true deep core stability in coordination with your breathing.

Once Pilates has been understood a person can then live using Pilates for a strong posture and good functional stability during work and sport.

I treat many people who believe they are doing Pilates but have no idea how to isolate The TVA muscle. I teach pure Pilates and I have put it on DVD for everybody to learn. In this program you will learn about the anatomy and biomechanics of core stability. The details of how to initiate, test, train and strengthen the TVA muscle are explained. The program goes onto to teach specific postural exercises and how to function with core stability on a daily basis. It Teaches Pilates as a lifestyle not just an exercise class.

For more information on this topic check out my Pilates training program. Learn Pilates from an expert.

Annette Willson

1. Physiotherapist

2. Pilates Teacher

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