Art and How It Relates to You

Art is a statement about the self. It’s a way of approaching life that challenges our assumptions about what’s normal and real. Art can be about experiencing new things, looking at the world through different eyes, or just reflecting what’s happening in your own life. It can have a political or social message; mine often have. It can be about beauty. Many people find inspiration in art; some more than others. Design projects rely heavily on visual tools that illustrate the project’s features and overall atmosphere however if you have a concept boards you can see all the overall perspective.

Art brings meaning and clarity to our lives. What we see and experience with art affects us deeply, often changing our view of the world. It makes us more compassionate, empathetic, creative and innovative. It can open doors to a new world of opportunities and enable us to solve problems in our own unique ways. It’s still an mystery why so many people pursue art in their lives. Some say it has to do with escaping reality. Others say it’s about personal growth or a spiritual quest. It seems that everyone has an opinion on what art is and how it affects them.

Art allows us to look at the world differently. It allows us to see beauty in the ordinary and appreciate the often hidden details in our lives. The value of art is not necessarily tied to monetary value. You don’t need to be a millionaire to appreciate art. The most valuable thing you can create is your own self-portrait.

How art affects our lives can be explored through many paths, but the most basic way is through the art we see around us. The act of looking at something beautiful or different leaves an impact on us. Sometimes the difference is just awe or wonder, but more often it’s an expression of our emotions. Art is not necessarily a material thing. It can be verbal as well as visual. Something about seeing something new leaves an indelible mark on us.

You spend your days thinking about art. Your evenings thinking about how to get the image onto the canvas. Your weekends thinking about how you’re going to hang it. Today, as an adult, you meet with friends or family and discuss your art. You exchange information about your styles, your methods, your inspirations. A breakthrough occurs. You feel compelled to go out into the world and buy whatever it is you’re passionate about.

A piece of art holds within it the essence of creativity. When you view a piece of art, whether it be a painting, drawing, or sculpture, you are viewing something that was created by someone with an intention toward creating. This is why art is often viewed as having a powerful influence on people and societies; it speaks to our emotions and emotions alone.