Spider Control Services

Spiders are arachnids, not insects. But they can be just as annoying as the most unwanted, mosquito-like insect pests. Spiders feast on household insects like ants and flies. While this is a good thing if you’re facing an infestation of these common bugs, spiders can quickly become a problem themselves. In fact, some species of spider can cause significant harm to humans. Their bites can be harmful or even poisonous, so it’s important to identify the type of spider you deal with and act accordingly. If your commercial establishment has spiders we recommend that you get a service from commercial pest control Sunshine Coast.

Why do I have spiders?

Spiders love damp spots in your home where insects hide. Spiders also love warm climates, which is why they are often found in your garage or basement in the summer months.

What do spiders look like?

Spiders come in all shapes and sizes. Some are large, hairy and scary looking; others are small and thin with long legs. But one thing all spiders have in common is that they have eight legs (not six). A spider’s body has two parts: the cephalothorax (head) that contains their eyes and mouthparts; and the abdomen that contains their reproductive organs, silk glands and breathing pores called spiracles

A rather small number of spiders are actually known to bite humans. The majority of spiders in the US are harmless, with no venom or toxic chemicals in their bite. However, there are some extremely dangerous arachnids that can cause serious harm to people and pets if bitten. These include:

Black Widow Spiders – Black widow spiders commonly inhabit areas such as attics, garages, and storage spaces. Their bites can be fatal for children and those with compromised immune systems.

Brown Recluse Spiders – Brown recluse spiders also live in dark hiding places. Their bites can cause necrotic tissue.

Signs of spiders

The most obvious sign of spiders is webs in the corners of rooms and around windows. You may also see dead insects caught in these webs — spiders eat insects as food. If you notice any of these signs, call a professional for spider treatment services immediately.

We can provide you with spider control services for your home. We will come to your house and spray for all spiders, including black widows and brown recluses. Spiders can be a very big problem inside homes, especially in the spring and summer time.

We can help keep them from getting in your home with our spider control programs. We have three different programs that we offer to clients.

The first is just a one time application. This is good if you are having problems with spiders inside the house now and want to get rid of them fast. The second program is an application every other month. This service is for people who don’t want to see spiders but might not mind seeing one or two every now and then. The last program is an application once a month. This service is for people who are very afraid of spiders or have children in the house that could be harmed by spiders or someone who has had problems with spiders before and don’t want to see them again.

We can also treat the outside of houses for spiders as well. We usually do this as part of our quarterly program as most people don’t have spider issues outside of their homes, but if you do we can set up a monthly program on the outside as well as the inside. One of best pest control for commercial, resolvepestcontrol.com.au.