Does Your Work Require Non-slip Work Shoes?

Workers safety is very important and should always be a priority for any employer. Eliminate your chance of slips and falls on your job with non-slip work shoes. In most cases, slips can happen due to spillage of grease, water, oil and other kind of liquids on the floor. Best ugg online boots never make you slip even if the floor is very slippery.

Listed below are few of the jobs, if you work in any of these shoes then safety boots should become an essential part of your work life.

  • Restaurant Workers

It is definitely the #1 work industry where these boots are necessary. Restaurant floors have to go through a lot of oil or water spilling and many other kind of liquid spilling as well. Employees can benefit from safety shoes as they have resistance properties from slippery floors.

  • Roofing Contractors

Employees in roofing industries have to climb up high ladders, work on variety of roofs and what not. So it is really important for them to use safety shoes to save themselves from any serious injury and come back home with a smile on their face.

  • Commercial House Cleaners

Employees who clean houses and offices, they should not miss on safety shoes as there is a possibility of a fall or injury on wet floors. Mopping is dangerous if one is not wearing the safety shoes, also if cleaners are working in kitchens and bathrooms it is necessary to wear your slip resistant shoes.

  • Food Processing Employees

Any industry where food is processed is huge and requires an employee to travel a lot from one section to another. There might be a spillage of anything that could cause a fall, so one need to be careful on such slippery floors and nothing could be better than slip resistant shoes to save themselves from a fall. Employers at food processing industries add slip resistant coating to floors but it is not any alternative to safety shoes. Both shoes and floor should be slip resistant to avoid any serious injury.

These are just few of the jobs listed which require slip resistant shoes. One should not avoid these shoes even if there is a little chance of falling or slippingin their work environment. Check out slip the resistant shoes online.

Pilates: A Commodity or Pain Relief Specialty?

Your Pilates teacher training journey starts here, with the most in-depth and comprehensive Pilates teacher training Sydney. When you have pain in your body, such as in the lower back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee or groin pain, what kind of health program would you choose after a doctor’s consultation?

Would you choose to do nothing and wait for the pain to go away “magically”? Or assume that it is a minor aliment; sign up at the nearest gym and train in hope to get better?

The fact is some people will do either one of the above or even all of the above.

How Pain Begins

If you suffer pain from lower back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee or pain, they don’t just go away when you do nothing. It might go away for a while in the beginning. But most pain will return again and again at closer and closer intervals, and become chronic! Until you do something!

When you sit at your desk over prolong period of time in a certain fixed position, without moving, the body gets tired and fatigued. It will manifest itself as soreness in areas that is stressed like neck pain and shoulder pain. Repetitive long hours like this over days and weeks will soon turned this soreness into chronic pain or tightness.

Pilates Pain Relief

Pilates is highly recommended not just by doctors as a tool to restore the body to health, it is also regarded by chiropractors and physiotherapists as the post rehabilitation treatment to go into. Some physiotherapist trained in Pilates, even put their patients onto Pilates program immediately.

All muscles that are tight are both weak and short. They need to be stretched so that they can return to its original length. As some muscles are so tight from many years of non stretching, it takes a few sessions to persuade them to lengthen. When a sore area no longer feels tender or in pain, it is time to embark on the next phase – muscle strengthening program.

So is Pilates a Commodity?

This is a very important question? It can well be understood if one has a common cold, one goes to a general practitioner. But if the cold turned into a nasty chest infection, is it crucial to seek the expertise of a specialist so that a fast recovery can be guaranteed.

More often than not, Pilates is taken as a commodity and compared to doing a general fitness program or working out in the gym; more like doing something for recreational sake and is judged by the price alone!! Almost all the time!!!

Most people do not bother to find out what Pilates actually entails and how it can help in pain relief. It is important to know the difference between a “standard” Pilates program verses a “pain relief” Pilates program.

The former will be something akin to following a video tape in which you do a whole series of Pilates exercises except you have the company of a teacher by your side.

The latter is all about specifics. Pilates pain relief exercises is about doing specific exercises with the body in specific angle (sometimes involving soft apparatus like balls) to target specific areas in pain. If you have neck pain and or shoulder pain, there is a specific series of Pilates pain relief exercises for neck pain and shoulder pain. If you have lower back pain, there is a specific series of Pilates pain relief exercises that works for lower back pain. Every case is different and the difference lies in the angles of the subject in pain for all Pilates pain relief exercise.

So if you suffer from lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, knee pain or groin pain, would you just do ANY general Pilates program? Or even consider a Pilates group program?

Certainly not! Or you might end up with even more pain.

Depending on kind of pain you have, the right prescribed rehabilitation program on specific Pilates pain relief exercises by a well trained Pilates instructor /professional can help you achieve instant result – being pain free!!!

But if you continue to see Pilates as a common commodity that you can get anywhere, it will just be what you view it to be – just a general program. You need to stop taking Pilates like a commodity!

But if your body is in pain, do your body a favor and invest in a quality program that it deserve so that you get an optimum body to enjoy a pain free lifestyle – doing whatever you enjoy!

In life, demand health!

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Create Your Story To Help Market Your Child Care Program

Early childhood Sydney focuses on the maturation of children for nearly a decade, from infancy to around eight years old. I’ve talked about how important it is to effectively communicate your compelling story to prospective parents and to existing clients. What do I mean by your story? Let me give you an example of my story and maybe it will help you.

Every time I go and speak, or every time I meet with a new or prospective client, I tell the story about how I got into the business of working with childcare programs exclusively. It’s a pretty cool story, and it has to do with me being a mom of two young children and also being a marketing expert, about wearing my mom hat and my marketing hat and melding those two to fill a need in the marketplace. Childcare business owners really didn’t have many resources, if any, to help them effectively grow their enrollment, be more profitable and learn to use other management and marketing techniques and strategies.

That’s the story that I tell, and I also tell the story about how I got into the business with my first childcare client, Allison. That story is compelling, and it is true. I also get to talk about the fact that I’m a mom, and I get to show the picture of my children. This allows you, the prospect, to bond with me.

The same thing is true for any business owner. I think most business owners are often reluctant to tell their story, especially owners of childcare businesses, because you don’t want to put yourself in the spotlight. That’s really a mistake. I’m not asking you to necessarily be in the spotlight; I am asking you to tell your story.

For most of us, there was a definitive point when we decided to jump into what we are doing. It might have been a series of things that happened to you that made you decide to get into the business of actually owning or running a childcare business. That’s the story that we want to know: why you got into the business.

For many of you it was that you searched your marketplace for a childcare program for your own children. You saw that none of the programs were being run the way that you thought a quality program should be run. I hear this story time and time again, but it’s still unique because it’s unique to you and to your market. When you tell it, you can also bring your children into the story, because they were a pivotal reason why you got into the business. Pictures of them and pictures of you as a family, images that help to drive the story home, make it even more compelling. This is why I show pictures of my children and me with our birthday hats and of Allison and her grandchildren with their birthday hats. Those images create a compelling connection for people.

Your story does two things:

  1. It allows prospective parents to bond with you. You may be frustrated by the fact that it feels like parents just come in, or they get on the phone with you and just want to know your rates. They are in a hurry about making the childcare decision, and you can’t bond with them. They won’t ask questions and they won’t open up. One of the reasons is that you are not telling your story. Telling it allows parents to let their guard down, take a breath and bond with you as the business owner, and this is extremely important. Most of you aren’t telling it at all or are just glossing it over.Telling your story leverages what I call the ‘know-like-trust’ factor, the KLT. People want to know you, like you and trust you before they do business with you-especially with childcare, which is a trust-based business.
  2. No one else has your story; it is completely unique to you. So if you are looking for a way to set yourself apart in the market and be memorable, which most of you need to do better, your story is the hook that will allow you to be different and noteworthy.

So share whatever you have in your life that is interesting and fun. Maybe you cook. Maybe you are a triathlete. Maybe you race cars on the side. Maybe you play guitar or another instrument. Maybe you’re in a local choir or participate in plays in a local actors’ studio. Perhaps you have kids and grandkids that attended your center. Maybe you’re a ‘foster dog parent’, adopting dogs and then letting them go to the next owner.

Whatever it is that is your passion on the side is what people really want to know about you. They want to know about your life. That’s what makes people really interesting. I’m sure you have at least a couple of these things, and I’m asking you to share them: it’s part of your story.

So share the personal fun stuff and also your origin story. Why did you get into this business? Maybe you inherited the business from a grandfather or from your mother; it was their business and you took it over. Maybe you have multi-generational people in your program, with the moms of today’s kids in the program as children, because you’ve been in business for 30 years. That’s a huge and fun piece of your story, and if you are not telling it, you need to.

The creation and communication of your unique story is something that will drive clients and prospects to you consistently over time, and it will help you increase your enrollment. It’s a great strategy and it will also differentiate you in the marketplace.

Your homework is to take action on your story. Create it. Communicate it. Put it on your website. Put it in your information packet. Put it on the wall of your center in a frame. Do whatever you can do to tell your story more effectively.

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Surf Travel to South Africa

Surfing app stoked allows users to set up a log of their surf session and share the information with their friends. Arriving in Cape Town is over whelming, the first thing you notice is the warmth and friendly attitude to you the surfer. This country has been through so much in the past 30 years and it has always been my dream to set foot on its soil to surf the glorious waves that caress its shores daily. South Africa is blessed with some of the best and most consistent surf the world has to offer. Couple this with the mild climate and you have a surfing paradise. During the South African winter the coastline is supplied with almost endless groundswell and offshore winds due to the constant flow of cold front activity in the southern Atlantic. So as a surfer arriving from a rainy Oregon to find warmth and amazing surf is a dream come true.

The tour I was on, involved sessions at numerous South African premier surf spots which include Jeffrey’s Bay, Seal Point, Victoria Bay, Bruce’s Beauties and as well as many other spots that “crank” in winter. Dylan collected me after arrival and we were all packed up to head off along the coast. South African surfers are always so stoked it is amazing and Dylan was no acceptation to that rule and assured me that he had a thorough knowledge of surfing in the area and that he was our tour guide. Furthermore he practically guaranteed me that I will get to the respective spots when they are at their best, he just fell short in advising me he had arranged the swell as well.

As we arrived at the lodge on the outskirts of town I was greeted by the other surfers on the tour who had arrived a day or two earlier. Dylan whispered in my ear and ensured me with an eager smile that the tour remains personal and that by limiting the number of people on each tour guarantees we all get a great time. Like all South African’s he is proud of the countries surf and then could not refrain from telling me yet again for the 5th time that he would ensure I surfed as many African barrels as possible. Umm…. I went to bed with that thought. My second day started with Dylan taking the tour to a place at Muzuimbrug, an ideal spot he assured me to get acquainted to African Waves. ‘Muzies’ as it is known, is renowned for its rolling and very consistent A-Frame waves and endless stretch of beach. Whilst Dylan provided surf lessons for some learners on the tour I paddled out the back to enjoy some glass morning surf.

After a hearty lunch we set off on an orientation tour of the stunning Cape Peninsula, Dylan believed this would help us get our bearing on the land and we also had a visit to the Cape Point Nature reserve as well as Cape Towns more famous tourist sights including a visit to boulders beach where wild penguins happily play.

The morning of day 3 was an important one for me personally as I could not wait to set out on our first port of call which was a 65-meter bungee at Gouritz. This is optional on the tour but it’s highly recommended to get you stoked and ready for the adventure that lies ahead and I was game for it. If you plan on doing the worlds highest one later in the trip, I suggest you do this one first to get a feel for it! I did not opt for the higher…

Along the way we stopped at Mossel Bay for a surf session, there was a selection of 3 breaks to choose from, Inner and Outer Pool as well as Ding Dangs. Depending on the conditions and your standard the surf guides will take you to the one with most zest, and they selected one just fine for me.

Inner Pool’s wave breaks very close to famed outer Pool off a section of rocks, walls up when at its best and is usually surfed when Outers is flat. Outer Pool Gets large and challenging in solid winter swell but is usually surfed when clean and orderly in light westerly winds. Outer offers a cooking right hand reef break with a solid wall and a long ride. Ding Dang’s a fun hotdog wave that works when winter swell wraps around cape St Blaise.

After the surf, we set off on the road again, the most beautiful scenery as we enter the ‘Garden Route’ is breath taking and most of us all sighed with disbelief at the views and the panorama that was unrolling ahead of us. Depending on the time of year, apparently the guides can surprise the group and dive for some crayfish (Cape Rock lobster) along the way for the evening dinner, this was not the case for my tour but I gather it can be the norm.

It’s up early to get the best swell the next morning and we all opted to head for a spot called Buffalo Bay Point – a very similar wave to Bruce’s Beauties that too me was going to be the highlight of the tour and was to come so I took this as a trial event. The point can get superlative in the right conditions by all accounts and before leaving the US I had heard great reports of the conditions that can be found here so was please to see a perfect 3ft day.

That evening we checked into another local surf lodge, and zipped out for and evening surf! We headed off to a place I had dreamed of since first seeing the movie Endless Summer – Bruce’s Beauties – it breaks a lot more often than is thought of and is by know means a gentle long boarders paradise. When cooking, Bruce’s is a screaming right hand point that freight trains along a jagged line of rocks. “Get ready for mean gaping barrels” Dylan shouted as he disappeared into the water, leaving the rest of us half changed, running and falling every other step! It was just like a clip from the movie here I was about to hit the surf of Endless Summer.

The next day I found it very difficult to get up to be honest, three great days of epic surf and with another few more to comes I just could not cope… my body was feeling the flight and the perfect surf of the night before. So rather than surf I just joined the tour to watch the rest of the group under a go some lessons on the beach and sat back enjoying the wild environment that seemed as if Portland and US Airports was just a forgotten memory. I could not believe that only 90+ hours ago I was crammed into a bus in Portland with a huge longboard knocking everyone that moved. Now I lay head back on the sand listening to the sounds of sea birds and knowing that I am totally at peace and having the best surf trip in my life. Sure I have surfed some amazing spots but to surf a spot I have seen over a thousand time son video and then to actually enjoy it going off better than in the film was beyond even my wildest thoughts of surfing in South Africa.

After a few more days of touring and surfing spots such as Boneyards, Supertubes, Salad bowls, J-Bay, Tubes, Point and Albatross it was time to start to head back in the direction of the Cape. Everyone on the tour had become exhausted and tired but we were now a travelling surf family too tired to talk but desperate for one more last surf before the Cape and we were not disappointed as slowly we drove towards Buffalo Bay again and it was just as we left it, perfect…

As we drove in to Cape Town the next day Dylan turned to us all and said “How about Sky diving, or Paragliding? – We can even arrange a shark dive if you wish!” – in a great chorus we all said “shut up man… we are exhausted!” The one thing you can say about South African’s they are a great friendly bunch and the stoke of surfing runs deep in there veins.

The beauty of the tour I think was summed up by the people on it, from 6 surfers who were learning to surf for the first time and having lessons daily to the rest of us who ranged from beginner to advanced. We all surfed well and all experienced the conditions first hand. We all had our own experiences and that is something all of us will take away and is our surf memory – an amazing surf trip.

I travelled with Xoxxi ([]) which is a surf brand run by regular surfers for regular surfers and they were very helpful in this unique travel surfing experience. You can also visit the South African tourism website at ( for other information on visiting the country. You may also like to purchase a book, and I would recommend Surfing in South Africa, By Steve Pike (ISBN: 1919833153).

Author Bio:

Shannon Burke, is a surfer of 3 decades and has enjoyed surfing all over the world, he is a freelance writer and freelance regular surfer that has a quiver of short boards, longboards, body boards and a paddleboard.

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Heli-Skiing Adventures in The Untamed Wild

Heli skiing Canada should put you in the heart of wilderness adventure, but you might want to read the fine print of the company you are working with. Heli-skiing has become so popular that there are a number of companies that now offer tame, cultured versions of heli-skiing, taking you up in a helicopter only to put you down in snow that has been heli-skied 50 times that morning at least. For true heli-ski adventures, check out these gems for the wild at heart.

Canadian Rockies
The great Canadian Rockies make the perfect first-time heli-skiing adventure. It’s a good mix of both remote wilderness and a lodge, as half the time is spent in the boonies and the other half is at a luxury ski resort. You don’t have to break yourself over this adventure, yet you get a taste of what real heli-skiing in the wilderness is all about.

San Juan Mountains, Colorado
San Juan Mountains make for ideal heli-skiing scenery for small groups. The epic journey takes you to some of the world’s most perfect skiing powder. It’s beautiful back country where you feel the winter of the wilderness up close. Once you’ve braved it all, relax, unwind and regroup at Telluride, a premier Colorado ski bum town.

The Swiss Alps
Heli-skiing in the Swiss Alps offers luxurious European chalets combined with remote wilderness adventures. Work your way from Verbier to Zermatt, descending terrain piece by piece while you take in the sheer wonder of this winter world. This is the best powder on the European continent and a dream for skiing.

Pantheons, Canada
If you want remote terrain, it doesn’t get farther out there than the Pantheons in Canada. You can literally ski where no skier has before, but you’ll have one of the few pioneers to explore the range as your guide. The area has just been open for exploration, so this is about as wild as you can get.

Skeena Mountains, Canada
A first class resort with a private setting, Yellow Cedar Lodge overlooks the serenity of Skeena Mountains in Canada. It’s rustic but luxurious. It’s easy to get heli-skiing in remote areas with perfect snow, but after then relax those muscles in a soothing jacuzzi, dine on gourmet cooked meals by world class chefs and spend the evening in a cozy lounge. This is heli-skiing for the refined. Don’t worry. The amenities may be civilized, but the heli-skiing is purely wild. This is what the good life has to offer.

Pilates to Restore the Balance in the Body

If you’ve dreamed of becoming a professional Pilates teacher training Sydney or yoga teacher, I think you will help more people. Pilates is a form of exercise very similar to yoga in which there is great emphasis on the body’s core muscles that is the oblique’s, abdomen, the buttocks, inner and outer thigh, and the lower back. Pilates at San Francisco is very popular among exercisers because it is an all-round exercise that builds up strength, coordination, flexibility, endurance, good posture, and good balance. At the Satori Yoga Studio, Pilates is considered the perfect exercise regimen because it helps in developing concentration, precision, control, flow, centering, and breath. Much emphasis is paid on getting the right form rather than just repeating the exercise multiple times. The whole body is engaged and the chances of being injured during exercise are also at a minimum.

Using Pilates in Everyday Life

Pilates has to be done with concentration and precision. Some of the moves may be concentrating on strengthening one muscle and stretching another. The type of exercises ranges from the simple to the more complex. The Pilates instructors at Satori in San Francisco teach students to think and use their muscles during the workout and then continue this into daily life. Pilates helps you to have a better posture and walk, sit, and stand more erect and with good body mechanics. This form of exercise is named after its inventor Joseph Pilates who created these exercises to treat his injured dancers.

Strengthening the Body Core with Pilates

A lot of the movements used in Pilates is based on yoga movements as well as the movements of graceful animals like the swan, the big cats, and the seals. The Pilates trainers at Satori teach students to start their movements from the core and then move outwards. Strengthening the core is crucial to improve posture and prevent injuries. It also helps to reduce stress and increase flexibility and endurance. Increased circulation leads to strong joints and lean muscles. The instructors at San Francisco themselves are passionate about Pilates and passes on this enthusiasm to their students. It is suitable for any kind of body and people with any type of lifestyle.

Benefits of Practicing Pilates Daily

This is ideal for people with bad backs because it addresses imbalances of the muscle from poor posture and sedentary lifestyles. The abdominals and buttock muscles are stretched and strengthened and the students are taught proper alignment methods to relieve back pain. The equipments at the Satori Yoga Studio uses quality equipments similar to those used by Joseph this like the Gratz apparatus. Exercise regimens are tailored to suit individual students to help them achieve their goal, whether it is rehab from an injury, losing weight, learning the correct posture, or alleviate back pain. Pilates at San Francisco help to make your live more meaningful.

Five Vital Characteristics a Tattoo Artist Must Have

For many filmmakers, the storyboard artist film is essential for visualizing and organizing their projects before they ever reach for their cameras. Are you lately planning to get a tattoo? If yes, apart from choosing profoundly meaningful and aesthetically pleasing designs, which can successfully rejuvenate outer appearance, express bottled-up emotions, pay a tribute to somebody close, or help you rebel against the conventional notions of society, try scheduling appointment with a renowned artist as well. Now with a wide range of options readily available, you must conduct a thorough research, seek specialised recommendations, and look out for five certain essential characteristic traits namely attention to details, artistic ability, ethics, curiosity, and adaptability before arriving at any decision. For details, readers are requested to buy some time and take a close look at the below-mentioned pointers.

  • Attention to Details

Even though it might not seem much necessary but a tattooist must pay attention to details otherwise he or she would not be able to properly carve the intricate aspects of a design. Listening what the client is saying with maximum caution and then carrying out the procedure exactly would pave way for an optimal outcome. Now isn’t that absolutely amazing?

  • Artistic Ability

According to professionals working in the best tattoo studio of Phuket , an individual would only be able to etch beautiful motifs on your skin, if he or she has definite artistic talent, or capability to materialise wonderful visions. While diverse other technical skills could be taught, a flair for art is something innate.

  • Ethics

No matter how much an individual works dedicatedly he or she could only drive customers beyond geographical boundaries and gain a strong footing in market with an ethical approach. You must consider interviewing tattoo artists who strictly adheres to safety protocols under any circumstance and thus keeps varied types of infections at bay.

  • Curiosity

Rather than being contended with whatever they have or do, successful tattoo artists always wish to enhance their knowledge. They are curious to master different styles available besides the conventional black & grey and colour. Starting from interacting with veterans to signing up for edifying newsletters, they actually leave no stone unturned when it comes to performing expertly in the said industry.

  • Adaptability

Highly proficient and adequately experienced artists offering quality services in the best tattoo studio of Phuket for an affordable price have time and again emphasised upon the significance of adaptability. In other words, they said that it is better to walk away from an individual if he or she tries imposing insights and not flexible enough to embrace the emerging trends.

If the tattooist you like possess all characteristics specified above, feel free to hire him or her right now. Doing so would generate best possible results within a stipulated time period.

Epic Characters And Storylines Were Once Concept Art Too!

Creating the concept board frames artist Sydney has a lot more to offer job opportunities. ‘Optimus Prime’, ‘Prince of Persia’, ‘Green Lantern’ and many more such characters that have managed to capture our imagination over the years, simply started out as Concept Art. In fact, movies such ‘Lord of the Rings’, ‘Avataar’ and ‘Planet of the Apes’ have some extensive concept art that goes into them before they can materialize onscreen. So when you see one of the Transformers “transform” in and out of their actual form, remember that they were first put onto a piece of paper, or monitor before any of the “transforming” could take place. Every feature, mood, and personality was captured at this very stage of conceptualization.

So, what is Concept Art? Very simply put, it is a form of illustration that’s used to create a tangible, visual representation of an idea. This idea could include a design, a backdrop, a character or even a mood. In short, it is the basic look and feel of all the elements that the game, movie, animation or comic is going to present to its audience. It is the base upon which most sci-fi and fantasy movies, video games and comic books are rolled out. The idea of ‘concept art’ was first introduced in 1930 and further popularized by artists in the automobile and gaming industry.

Concept art earlier involved fine artists wielding out their paint brushes and palettes to stroke out characters and the basic environment with which they will interact. In the more evolved era, the use of software like Photoshop and Corel Painter, as well as dedicated graphics tablets has made life much easier for concept artists to put across their vision, that too within the deadlines. However, to successfully enjoy the benefits of such technology, the artist must be familiar with how paints would blend on an actual canvas.

With the advancement in technology and expectations of the audience, concept art has come to include traditional painting techniques to photo realistic practices. A concept artist begins working with simple sketches of the initial idea, and refines them to finally transform into the realistic pictures required by the company. This makes concept artists almost enigmas of the art world.

So the next time you decide to collect the sands of time in a Prince of Persia, or fling across an Angry Bird, or choose a weapon in Mafia Wars, remember it was all just concept art at one point in time!