Core Exercises Using Foam Rollers

These simple tools help to improve our fitness routine. Foam rollers stimulate the core muscles like the abs, the spinal muscles and the lower body muscles. They have proved to provide relief to different muscles problems. KX Pilates Dee Why is a dynamic, high intensity, fast-paced workout which combines elements of traditional reformer Pilates with cardio and endurance training

Fight balancing challenges:

The full cylinder foam roller is unstable in nature and that contributes in developing greater core strength and spinal stability while improving circulation and relaxation. People use foam rollers to develop a steady balance of the body. The body is supposed to be placed on the tool, and then the core muscles must coordinate with each other to provide rapid response. Initially, any new exercise needs practice, but, at the end of the day you will feel healthy core muscles if done systematically.

Strengthening core areas:

Normally, arms and legs are used to do exercises. But for this, a hidden and enjoyable effort is taken to increase the strength of other muscles thereby increasing the whole body strength and balance.

Few exercises for core muscles

Tone the lower body: Place the foam roller under the mid section of your body and lie face down. Slowly bend the legs and bring the heels near the thigh muscles. Touch ankles, keep the legs bent and raise the lower body while holding that position. Always keep the arms and legs relaxed. Next, raise the legs off of the ground as high as you can. Repeat this movement for core exercise.

Tone the abdominal areas: Place the exercise tool on the floor and place it across from the buttocks to the lower neck. Lie vertically on the foam roller. Do sit ups and also other non- neck straining exercises. Stay in the same spot and continue to do straight leg lifts by bringing both knees toward the face. The third type is a combination of the first two instructions. Here try to alternately take one leg up and the other leg down in a bent position. This is very useful as it contributes to a glute exercise only one part at a time.

Tone the upper body: Start with the standard push up. Hold the roller firmly with both hands. Make sure that the lower part of the body is stable by resting on the feet. Extend the body and try using the feet as it will help a much more effective triceps exercise. The next step is to position the roller under the hips. Then, concentrate towards the ceiling of the room and curve the body upward for a complete upper body exercise. Hold the position as long as possible to strengthen the core and abdominal segment. Grab any offer for Pilates program if there are promos.

Repeated exercises will help you realise the true benefit for core exercises with foam rollers. To get an overall figure, firmer body and muscles and better athletic capacity, foam rollers will be there to meet the challenges that may be a part of your muscle exercises or other routine. For more elaborate exercises, it is also a good idea to consult your gym instructor on the various effective core exercises that are effective and yet not too painful.

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