4 Easy Steps For Search Engine Optimization – Advice From An SEO Consultant

How can search engine benefit me? This question has been asked by hundreds of business owners. However, SEO consultations can be just what is needed to boot the revenue of any business in any niche.

In this article we are going to look at what “on page” factors are needed for professional SEO consultant Northern Beaches services which will make sure that your online presence is noticed by the potential customers that are looking just for you!

Why the need for Search Engine Optimization?

Building an online presence and building a house have a lot in common. Just because a house if beautiful, doesn’t mean that people are going to visit you. Especially if your address isn’t in any local directories. It’s the same with your website – there is no point investing a lot on money in a lavish website if it’s not going to be found in the local directories (which is what the large search engines basically are).

Any good house needs to stand on good foundations. Also if you’ve invested a lot of time and money in building a house, you want it to withstand the elements – wind, rain and storms. You need to have a good foundation, good quality materials and strong mortar which will hold everything together.

Any website needs to be built on good foundations – which are keyword research, competition research, and link building. You also need to use good quality materials and tools – these are social media sites, video promotion and social bookmarking.

Now we need to look at ‘on page’ optimization. Is the website both informative and has what the search engines are looking for? Here are 4 steps to generate content for your website.

  1. Article Writing. Articles are great ways of creating content. You are already an expert on your business and so, why not share that with the world. Don’t just limit your knowledge to your website. If you write articles regularly you will create more online exposure for your business. Most articles allow at least one link back to your page. If you’ve engaged people enough in your article, then they will click the link. Articles generally have to be at least 400 words long and be relavent to your site. Of course this can be time consuming, so it’s usually best to entrust this to an SEO consultant. They will usually write up to 4 articles each month for your site. These will be unique articles written on the subject of your business. A SEO consultancy will carefully research the subjects and, using your main keywords will write quality articles. These will then be submitted to up to many article directory sites. So one article could get published over 20 times, in a month 80 articles – all directing back to your business. This will also provide quality backlinks to your site on relevant subjects.
  2. Blog Commenting. This should never be used for spam. But look for relevant blogs on your business and engage in the ‘converstation’. You are able to leave comments and very often a link back to your site.
  3. Press Release. You want your business to appear to be new and fresh all the time, this is where a press release can help. If you are starting a new service or improving some aspect of your business – then these can all be good material for a press release. A press release has to be written in a specific format to be accepted by press release sites.
  4. Keyword Optimization. This is one of the main factors in building authroity into your site. In building your foundation by researching good keywords you have the basis to have great content both on your website and on the other external content that you create. Having the proper keywords occurring in a natural way through your webpages will be like the building blocks for steady and constant traffic. A good SEO consultancy company will be able to identify the keywords to use and how to use them properly. This has to be done very carefully because if it is overdone then it can have a negative effect on your Google ranking.

Use these 4 factors to generate great content for your website. At the same time you will build authority and this will increase your Google rankings. A SEO consultancy will be able to do SEO for small and large businesses. These are great tools for building your online presence. However, the right tools need to be used properly. If used incorectly they can even damage your online reputation. Call on the services of an SEO consultant. They will be able to use the tools in the proper way so that your business will benefit.

These ‘on page’ factors will help you generate more visitors, this in turn will bring in new customers. Any SEO tip that will help you to improve your SEO strategy is always changeable.

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